MoneyCell, a constant innovation since 2011

MoneyCell has extensive experience in payment and mobile and electronic marketing. Since the commissioning, in 2011, of an 18-month pilot at the École supérieure de technologie de Montréal, his payment system has not stopped evolving. Its already avant-garde technology has enabled it to obtain the main awards in its field. MoneyCell was then awarded the "Octas de l'Innovation" award as well as the coveted "Octas de l'Incueil" award. MoneyCell also won the Canadian Mobile Commerce Innovation and the Canadian Payement Innovation Award for Cardware 2011.

MoneyCell offers a secure platform for rendering very high quality services. This platform is available for services to individuals, traders and businesses.

The spirit of the MoneyCell system is to be young, modern and simple to use.

MoneyCell allows you to use the most innovative services while sharing a fun experience. Services that are daily facilities for your transactions between your families, friends and merchants. You will quickly feel how your operations will be facilitated and better managed whether for purchases, sales, transfers or receiving.

In its reflection, MoneyCell sought to offer economical and effective solutions. You can now use the system that offers you complete services in a single application.

Thanks to the prepaid account, you only spend what you budgeted for.Thanks to the prepaid account, you are sure to be paid.