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Whether you are retailers, businesses or consumers,
Moneycell gives you access to the payment of the future, with
or without bank account

For consumers, the mobile
payment means better
expenses and
awards at

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Why should you use MoneyCell!

Simple to use

Through MoneyCell, we want to offer a customer experience with an easy and simple route for the user, regardless of your telephone service provider.

Quick Payments

No more queues to pay invoices, endless waits at checkouts, the MoneyCell payment solution provides a reliable and fast system for processing all commercial transactions between a merchant, an e-Commerce and a customer as well as all transactions between particulàiers.

Competitive services

With MoneyCell pay the right price for a modern and unique customer experience.

Totally safe

MoneyCell ensures a reliable and secure system for all users of our network. Our technology is based on international standards and complies with the provisions regarding the protection of personal data.

Thanks to the interactive map, easily find a Agent or trader MoneyCell

Fund your account or withdraw money easily through the agent network.

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Pay your bills

Water, electricity. Pay your bills with ease. No more queuing at the counters. Save hours thanks to invoice payment by MoneyCell.

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